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10 Programming Websites and Apps for Your Kids

2 years ago

Want to introduce your children to the world of programming? These 10 websites and apps will teach them the basic skills they need to get started!


1. Made with Code

made-with-codeFun tutorials and projects that inspire
young girls to embrace and explore
the world of programming.

GRADES: 4 – 12*



2. Code.org

apple-touch-icon-precomposedCreative activities for students with
the ability for teachers to track progress
through a fully integrated dashboard.

GRADES : K – 12*



3. Cargo-Bot

app-iconA puzzle-based game that stimulates
the mind while introducing
programming concepts.

GRADES: 5 – 12*

PLATFORMS: iPad, Android


4. Code Avengers

UntitledComprehensive lessons that teach
coding language and concepts used
in web development.

GRADES: 6 – 12*



5. CodeMonkey

codemonkeyFun games that teach programming skills
and allow children to challenge their friends.

GRADES: 4 – 12*




6. Hopscotch School Edition

icon175x175Students use programming concepts to manipulate characters
in games adapted to their teachers’ curricula.

GRADES: 4 – 9*



7. Mozilla Thimble


Uses a cause-and-effect display to
give students a real-time look at
how HTML language works.

 GRADES: 4 – 12*



8. Codeable Crafts

unnamedStudents snap blocks together to
create coding sequences that tell
a story on the screen.




9. Blockly for Dash and Dot Robots


A drag-and-drop visual programming
tool that allows students to snap
together commands like puzzle pieces.


PLATFORMS: Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch


10. ScratchJr

scratchjr-logo-150x150By placing programming blocks across
the screen, students can make
characters move, jump, dance, and sing.


PLATFORMS: Android, iPad


*This grade range is a recommendation by the Common Sense Education editorial team, not the developer/publisher.