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Pennsylvania’s First Catholic Unified Bocce Ball Team Is on a Roll

These students joined forces to form the state’s first Unified Bocce Ball team. None were prepared for the outpouring of support that followed. See how two AOPS schools are making history.

Student Spotlight: Jackie Carroll on Art and Growth

AOPS students grow academically, artistically, and emotionally, year after year. Student Jackie Carroll shares a beautiful story about what her growth journey means to her.

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Where does the strength to take on more than you thought possible come from? Pope John Paul II High School, according to these 4-time AOPS parents.

Student Experience: Saving the Golf Team — and Other Ways I Learned to Lead

When she learned her golf team was shutting down, this student rallied support — then led it to record-breaking victory.

Student Spotlight: Michael Prieto on Science and Faith

“It’s not science OR faith. It’s science AND faith.” This is the story of Michael Prieto, an AOPS student in search of understanding and answers.

Their Final Project: Explain It to a Six-Year-Old

Before they can graduate, these high school seniors must face their toughest challenge yet: teaching a gym full of first graders about applied sciences.

10 Apps to Spark Your Child’s Creativity

From movies and music to museums, Minecraft, and more — get your child’s creative juices flowing with these 10 free art-inspiring apps!

Why Teamwork Matters: A Parent’s Perspective

What happens when families, faculty, and communities join forces? This AOPS mom describes how teamwork transformed the way her children learn and serve.