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Middle School Language Arts Teacher, St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School, Philadelphia, PA, Philadelphia County South

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Middle School Language Arts Teacher, St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School, Philadelphia, PA, Philadelphia County South

Job Title:  Teacher

Job Status:  Permanent/Full Time

Contact:  Sister Danielle Truex, IHM, Principal


Job Description:

St. Peter the Apostle School is searching for a Middle School Language Arts Teacher for the 2023-2024 school year.

The departmental classroom educator reports to the principal and is responsible for lesson planning, instructional implementation, assessment, record keeping, and promoting the mission of Catholic education at Saint Peter the Apostle School.  The departmental classroom educator provides special instruction in particular academic areas while working with other educators to provide adequate supervision, an atmosphere of respectful and appropriate relationships with students and parents, and a program of Catholic education that meets the needs of the cohorts of students under his/her supervision.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Observing the directives of the Office of Catholic Education, Standards of Ministerial Behavior and Boundaries, and of the local school as found in the Faculty and Staff Handbook.
  • Being familiar with the Archdiocesan Elementary Schools Policies and Procedures recommended by  the Office of Catholic Education.
  • Praying with children, helping them experience the Gospel message of Jesus, treating students with  respect and kindness, preparing students for liturgies, and teaching religion.
  • Maintaining catechetical certification.
  • Keeping accurate and complete records of communications, grades, lessons, and other necessary documentation.
  • Preparing lesson plans and presenting lesson plans to the administrator for review in an organized  and timely manner.
  • Presenting report cards and all general communication for parents/guardians to the administrator for professional review.
  • Planning class activities that provide for the individual differences of students by utilizing small groups, individual attention, whole group instruction, and practices of differentiated instruction.
  • Attending Home and School Association Meetings and being available for meetings with parents/guardians.
  • Verifying student absences through written notes from parent/guardian.
  • Assuming supervisory responsibilities as determined by the needs of the school.
  • Accepting leadership opportunities in a spirit of collaboration as determined by local needs.
  • Keeping the classroom in good order and establishing a learning atmosphere.
  • Preparing classroom displays that are meaningful, current, and related to learning.
  • Maintaining professional competency through awareness of changes in educational practices and procedures  and having a positive attitude toward change and innovation.
  • Attending in-service programs conducted by the Archdiocese, district, and local school.
  • Communicating regularly with parents/guardians.
  • Attending faculty meetings and reviewing all written policies, procedures and communications from the administration. 
  • Accepting responsibility and taking initiative to put into practice all directives of the administration.
  • Conferring with the administrator or his/her designee on administrative and policy matters.
  • Dressing in a manner appropriate and suitable for professional teachers.  
  • Collaborating and working effectively within a team of teachers to establish a positive school culture, plan for subject-specific instruction, and address the practical needs of each student cohort.
  • Duties and responsibilities as needed and assigned by the school principal.


  • Proven experience as a teacher
  • Thorough knowledge of teaching best practices and legal educational guidelines partnered with a  willingness to follow the school’s policies and procedures
  • Proficient in use of Google for Education and Google Classroom
  • Able to learn and maintain an online gradebook, virtual communications, and other instructional  technology and student information management systems.
  • Well-organized and committed
  • Creative and energetic
  • Strong moral values and discipline
  • Work independently and collaboratively without extensive oversight
  • Be able to manage schedules, multi-task, and respond to unpredictable situations with creativity  and confidence
  • Communicate positively and effectively with all members of the school community
  • Degree in teaching or in a specialized subject with a certificate in education


  • FBI Fingerprint
  • PA Child Abuse 
  • PA Criminal Background Check
  • Completion of Safe Environment Training
  • All required Archdiocese of Philadelphia documents.

Qualified and interested candidates please send your resume and cover letter to the Principal at the e-mail address noted above.  Clearances will be required as well as other documentation if the position is offered.  Please download the Teacher Application attached for a list of documents that will be needed.

If the position is offered, the candidate will be required to complete the “Protecting God’s Children” training through the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Additional information regarding this training can be found here.

  • Full Time
  • Permanent
  • Teacher