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Priest lecturing to a group of students

It’s only natural to ask what a parochial educational organization stands for.

At the most basic level, we are a Catholic institution that believes in the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. And as an academic institution, we believe in developing students' scholastic abilities to their greatest potential.  

And while these statements seem unrelated, we bring these ideals together for the educational benefit of every child. By fostering a Christ-like spirit of compassion, humility, and charity, we challenge students to listen, share, and work together. By upholding a rigorous academic standard, we give children the critical skills needed to understand Scripture, as well as the many diverse subjects they encounter throughout their studies.

With this direction in mind, we hope to guide children to become their generations’ leaders and role models. In so doing, they will set examples for how much students can achieve not just for themselves, but also for the world community of which we are all a part.

Our organization has a special working relationship with every AOPS member school. Here’s a brief overview of what we provide.

All archdiocesan high schools and special education schools are owned and operated by AOPS. This means top-level strategy, as well as policies and procedures, are determined in dialog between AOPS and these schools’ administrations, then directed from AOPS through each school’s President.

Archdiocesan elementary schools are independently owned and operated by the pastor of their respective parishes. Still the AOPS gives academic and spiritual support throughout the school year in many forms. We provide professional development opportunities, guidance on classroom technology, and strategic planning services to help each school achieve its goals.

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