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America's First Catholic Schools

Catholic school feels like more of a family and feels like the students have faith in other students and their teachers. That is what drives making this a better community to learn in for me.Christopher "CJ" Hestick, St. Aloysius Elementary School & Pope John Paul II High School

I couldn't have asked for a better school experience. Everyone is always so supportive and I can always trust that they will be right there to help if I need it. They have prepared me by showing me the importance of responsibility, respect, and confidence.
AOP High School Graduate Survey Response


What peace of mind for parents to know their children wake up early each day and, for the most part, do not complain about school. It's a four short years in high school, so it's important to make the right choice. We did for sure.Renee Steinbach, Parent of students at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Elementary School & Lansdale Catholic High School


Community based schools — made up of family based environments!


Elementary schools fostering the formation of Catholic values across the Greater Philadelphia Area


students making up the community that is AOP Elementary Schools


Archdiocese of Philadelphia Parishes that feed into the AOP Catholic Elementary Schools, along with students coming from local charter, private, and public schools


High Schools developing young adults through Catholic value based education


students embody the growing family of our AOP High School System


zip codes represented in 255 cities from 3 states in the US, along with students internationally are what make up the landscape of AOP Catholic High Schools

Early Childhood

Through stories, song, and play, children are encouraged to embrace a life of family and community while learning to develop their relationship with God!

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Elementary School

We don't just have an early influence over developing amazing students, we form amazing people individuals to become young disciples!

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Secondary School

By fostering the Catholic values at the heart of each schools' mission, we foster young adults to expand their educational horizons and reach new heights beyond their schooling years!

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Special Education

Across all of our academic disciplines, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia offers a continuum of special education services enriched by the gospel values imbedded within our curriculum. 

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What we believe!

As an academic institution, we believe in developing students’ scholastic abilities to their greatest potential, providing them state of the art learning facilities, with the end goal of developing students to become missionary disciples in Christ.

Providing a Beacon of Light

Our schools aspire each day to put our Archdiocesan mission into action!

Partnering with Families

Schools instill faith based qualities, following the values that are formed at home. 

Academic Excellence

We strive to exceed evolving learning and technological landscapes in the classroom. 

Developing Servant Leaders

We instill in students the courage to grow in their own faith and lead others to know Christ.

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