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The Alumni Experience: Finding Direction in Faith

3 months ago

It all started with one volunteer event: this AOPS alumnus describes how his time serving others in high school helped him embrace his calling.

Why Investment Matters: A Parent’s Perspective

7 months ago

What does investment mean for an AOPS school parent? One Philly mom shares her story about weighing the options — and the costs — of her kids’ school choices.

Growing Skills to Gain Independence

10 months ago

Through specialized job training, our students with special needs are getting more than work experience — they’re gaining the confidence to be independent.

Meet the People of AOPS

11 months ago

Hardworking faculty and staff are the heart of AOPS. Here, eight employees share stories about their careers, challenges, and proudest moments.

Why Faith Matters: A Parent’s Perspective

1 year ago

There are a lot of reasons parents choose our schools. But today, we hear from a mom who believes AOPS is preparing her sons to navigate life more gracefully and mindfully, every day.

Why Catholic Education Matters at Every Level

1 year ago

Academic education doesn’t end with high school graduation — and neither does personal and spiritual development. Here’s why they matter!

Teacher Spotlight: Strength by Example

1 year ago

Moira Catherine Whalen is an example of someone who has been pushed to go above and beyond — something she brings to her classroom every day.