High School Teachers – Archdiocese of Philadelphia


The Archdiocese of Philadelphia is seeking certified full-time teachers who are highly qualified to teach our high school students. These positions will be staffed with professional educators who provide excellent learning experiences and establishing a culture of high expectations.

  • BUSINESS – Academic and Technology
  • FINE ARTS – Music and Visual Arts
  • MATH – Algebra, Geometry, and Trig/Pre-Calculus, Calculus
  • SCIENCE – Biology, Chemistry, and Physics
  • WORLD LANGUAGES – French, Italian, Latin, and Spanish


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in education.

Candidates interested in teaching position should submit their cover letter, resume, and transcripts (scanned in one file) and attached to  APPLICATION

Or send to Mr. James Molnar, HR Manager for Secondary Schools at the Office of Catholic Education at: jmolnar@archphila.org

Please mark subject line: TEACHER – AOP – 112017 complete application

Interviews will be granted to the most qualified applicants.

Applicants must be practicing Catholics as verified by the pastor of the parish in which the applicant is registered.

PA required clearances, Safe environment clearances and official transcripts will be required before employment can begin.






Academic Business:   24 credits in areas such as Accounting, Business Law, Marketing, Finance

Business Technology:            12 Computer credits plus 12 additional credits in either Academic Business or Computer

English:                       24 credits in English department, may include 3 credits in each of Speech, Reading, and

Children’s Literature

Fine Arts:                    24 credits in Music or the Visual Arts

Guidance:                   24 credits in Guidance, Counseling, or Pupil Services (not Psychology, not Pastoral


Health:                        24 Credits in Health Education or state certification in Health

Languages:                 24 credits in a specific language. Each language is a separate competency

Library:                       24 credits in Library Science or Management Information Systems

Mathematics:             24 credits in Mathematics of which 3 credits may be in Computer and 3 may be in Statistics

Physical Education:   24 credits in Physical Education or state certification in Physical Education

Social Studies:            24 credits in Social Studies, 18 of which must be in History. The remaining 6 may be from other Social Sciences such as Psychology, Sociology, Political Science.  One Geography course may be used in place of one History course.



Theology:       24 credits in Theology (not Philosophy) [Post Vatican II] obtained from a Catholic College/University and approval of the Deputy Secretary for the Office of Catechetical Formation


Sciences: Each of Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry and Physics is a separate competency.


Biology:                      24 credits in the Life Sciences such as Biology, Botany, Ecology, Zoology

Chemistry:                  24 credits in the Chemistry department

Physical Science:        24 credits in the Physical Sciences such as Chemistry, Astronomy, Physics,   Earth Science

Physics 9/Conceptual Physics competency is as follows:

For those teachers hired before or on September 1, 1982, 18 credits in the subject area are required. Those credits will consist of 9 credits in the Physics Department, 6 credits in higher Mathematics (Calculus or above) and 3 credits in the other Physical Sciences, such as Chemistry.

For those teachers hired after September 1, 1982, 24 credits in the subject area are required. Those credits will consist of 9 credits in the Physics Department, 9 credits in higher Mathematics (Calculus or above) and 6 credits in the other Physical Sciences, such as Chemistry.

Physics:           At least 12 credits in the Physics department and the remaining 12 credits in higher Mathematics (Calculus or above) and/or the other Physical Sciences, such as Chemistry.

Position Type:

Full Time

Position Length: