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Explore AOPS

Why Faith Matters: A Parent’s Perspective

Scrolling through my Facebook feed a few months back, a post from a fellow “Mom Group” member caught my eye. The post read: “Help. My grandmother is on hospice, and my husband and I are panicking because we don’t know what to tell our 4-year-old son. What should we say to explain to him what’s happening and why?”

INFOGRAPHIC: A Breakdown of TerraNova Success

AOPS elementary school students took the TerraNova tests in 2016. Check out the infographic to see how our students did.

10 Programming Websites and Apps for Parents and Teachers

Want to introduce your students to the world of programming? These 10 websites and apps will teach them the basic skills they need to get started!

A Common Link

As many of us remember all too well, the transition from elementary school to high school can be one of the most difficult changes we experience during our formative years.


A full-fledge lab is just one of the ways David Heacock, a Science teacher at St. Katharine of Siena, is inspiring students to pursue a passion in the sciences.

Teacher Spotlight: Moira Catherine Whalen

Moira Catherine Whalen is an example of someone who had been pushed to go above and beyond — something that is apparent in her person and her classroom.

Top 4 Community Service Websites (And 1 App!)

Looking to introduce your students to volunteering and community service? Get them started with these five helpful resources.

Disable the Label

It’s 9:30 AM and the students of Archbishop Carroll High School are pouring into the auditorium to take their seats. Best Buddies Week has recently kicked off, and the entire student body has assembled for the “Disable the Label” presentation. The crowd falls silent when Father Mike Speziale, Priest and Moderator to the Best Buddies […]

Faces of AOPS

Hardworking faculty and staff make up the backbone of AOPS. We asked eight AOPS employees about their careers, challenges, and proudest moments. Here, they share their thoughts and stories.

Technology Trailblazers

Kathi Szymborski remembers huddling with her students around a TI-99/4A computer to learn about technology. That was 1981, a lot has changed.