Faith Posts

Faith Posts

Why Values Matter: A Parent’s Perspective

1 month ago

Schools do more than provide knowledge — they instill values. This AOPS parent shares the values she sought in order to find the right school for her six children.

Why Service Matters: A Parent’s Perspective

2 months ago

What happens when a school puts community service first? This AOPS parent shares her thoughts on the importance of “giving” instead of “getting.”

Why Cultural Diversity is Making Catholic Schools a Better Place to Learn

3 months ago

Can cultural diversity change the way children think, act, and learn? Here’s why AOPS is committed to making diversity a core of our students’ Catholic education.

Why Faith Matters: A Parent’s Perspective

7 months ago

There are a lot of reasons parents choose our schools. But today, we hear from a mom who believes AOPS is preparing her sons to navigate life more gracefully and mindfully, every day.

Why Catholic Education Matters at Every Level

7 months ago

Academic education doesn’t end with high school graduation — and neither does personal and spiritual development. Here’s why they matter!